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Register to get all the information about your fitness and health.

This website will be a place to allow you to get new information about fitness and health. Also, we provide the platform for you to be able to contact the practitioners directly.

You can assign to the groups that you are interested with or assign to the clinic you go to. We provide 3 levels of information/communication.

  1. “The Tick”- Any of our practitioners/fitness providers will post some information for the public

  2. “Private Tick”- After you registered with a certain group(s), the practitioner/fitness provider will create a page so you can have a private talk with the certain practitioner/fitness provider

  3. “Registered Tick”-This is where you can read the topics that you are registered for. If you are a patient of one of our contributor’s clinic, you can also register some other group of your interest too.

This will appear on your left hand side after you registered and login.

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The Tick

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